Nationwide Walk Out

     This is important information from the Blach Student Council about the upcoming walk out on Wednesday, March 14. The information from the student council representatives has been changed. Blach will be participating in the nationwide walk out at to protest gun violence in schools. At 10:00am students who wish to participate will walk out of class and gather directly behind the H wing (in front of the drama and band room) We will spend 17 minutes in silence for each of the 17 people killed in Florida. The moments of silence will begin at 10:02 and each victims name will be said at the beginning of the minute. This is no time to socialize–it will be serious as we honor those who lost their lives. If you choose not to be a part of this, nobody will judge you; you may just stay in your classroom. If you decide to participate, you will not get in trouble for leaving your classroom. Please spread the word.


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