Australian Open

By Wyatt B.

Jan. 26, 2019, Novak Djokovic trounces Rafael Nadal in three straight sets to win the Australian Open. The Australian Open is one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the entire world. It is an honor to win a tournament like this. This incredible victory was Djokovic’s seventh Australian Open title, and he did it in fashion. Djokovic is well known for his strength on hard courts, especially against Nadal. The last 8 times, these two major athletes have met head to head on hard court, Djokovic has been triumphant every time.

He made the veteran, Nadal, look like a pure rookie. Additionally, Djokovic decimated Nadal 6-3 in the first game, 6-2 in the second,  and lay down the hammer in the last set by beating him, once again, 6-3.

According to ESPN, in those 8 matches, Djokovic has won 17 sets, while Nadal has won none. ESPN also stated that Djokovic has broken Nadal 27 times while Nadal has only broken Djokovic twice. Although Rafael Nadal fell short in the match, ESPN has a great backup for the 32-year-old. ESPN states, “But it’s important to note that Djokovic, who has won the past three majors, is only 31, almost a full year younger than Nadal.” Aging is inevitable to the best stars, and in tennis, one year means quite a lot. With that said, Djokovic should be thrilled for sweeping one of the best tennis players to ever play the game.


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