NBA Playoff predictions

By Kabir C

The 2018 NBA trade deadline just passed last month and now is the time to start predicting who will make the playoffs this year. All Star forward Blake Griffin was traded from sunny Los Angeles to the cold city of Detroit. Detroit was hoping to be a free agency destination and a threat in the Eastern Conference after this move. The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to get younger and faster. Cleveland also got rid of their defensive problem by trading for good defensive players. All these deals are meant for one goal, to win a championship. Who will come on top? The answer might surprise you.


Lebron James showing his athletic ability vs the Brooklyn Nets on November 21 2017 

Eastern Conference

  1. Toronto Raptors – The 1,2 combo of Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry provides great scoring for the team.  And the raptors are finally in the first seed.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers – The power of Lebron James, the best player ever, and the play of their young talent brings the Cavs back to second place.
  3. Boston Celtics – Kyrie Irving, with his first season not on the Cavs, leads Boston to the third seed.
  4. Washington Wizards Without superstar John Wall for a major part of the season, all star Bradley Beal is serving himself well. With this great play of basketball continuing, the Wizards are going to be a threat in the east.
  5. Milwaukee Bucks – The only reason why the Bucks are in the Playoffs is because their 22 year old small forward, Giannis Antetokounmpo. He is carrying the Bucks to the playoffs. He is the future of the league.
  6. Philadelphia 76ers – The 76ers for the first time in a while, will make the playoffs.
  7. Miami Heat – After the 76ers vs Heat game on 2/27/18, I can’t look at Dwyane Wade and think he is 36. The Heat are soaring high and are ready to set the playoffs ablaze.
  8. Indiana Pacers – With starpower of Victor Oladipo and Myles Turner, the Pacers are going to be an exciting team to watch.


Western Conference

  1. Houston Rockets – After the trade for Chris Paul, The Rockets turned from a threat to the Warriors to a contender for winning the NBA championship.
  2. Golden State Warriors  – The Warriors are back in the playoffs… again. This time though, they finish second!
  3. Portland Trail Blazers – Portland with the MVP playing of Damian Lillard soar into the playoffs as the third seed.
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder – Even with their best defensive player injured, the Thunder are still a deadly team and will likely take the playoffs by storm.  
  5. San Antonio Spurs – Even with two time all star Kawhi Leonard injured, the Spurs are still going to make the playoffs with the excellence of their coach.
  6. New Orleans Pelicans – Super Star forward Anthony Davis is playing in MVP mode and looks like he is not stopping.
  7. Denver Nuggets – With the three point shooting and the amazing big man play, the Nuggets will be a dangerous team for the future.
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves The Timberwolves after a great first half of the season, are now finally ready for the playoffs regardless of the injuries.



Round 1 – Rockets over Timberwolves                Warriors over Nuggets

Pelicans over Blazers                          Thunder over Spurs

Raptors over Pacers      Cavaliers over Heat

76ers over Celtics       Bucks over Wizards

Round 2 – Rockets over Pelicans       Thunder over Warriors

        Raptors over 76ers                         Cavaliers over Bucks

Round 3 – Cavs over Raptors                  Rockets over Thunder


Finals – Game 1 and 2 – Rockets          Games 3, 4 and 5 – Cavs

     Game 6 – Rockets Game 7 – Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers win in 7 games!!

We have the Cavaliers winning the championship because the power of father time himself LeBron James dismantles the Rockets and carries the Cavs to victory again.


Most Valuable Player – James Harden

Runner up – LeBron James

Rookie of the year – Donovan Mitchell

Runner up – Ben Simmons

Defensive Player of the year – Paul George

Runner up – Kevin Durant

Most improved player – Victor Oladipo

Runner up – Brandon Ingram

6th man of the year – Lou Williams

Runner up – Eric Gordon

Coach of the year – Mike D’antoni

Runner up – Dwane Casey

NBA Basketball Executive of the Year – Daryl Morey

Runner up – Danny Ainge

NBA Sportsmanship Award – Kyrie Irving

Runner up – Kemba Walker

Hustle Award – Robert Covington

Runner up – Draymond Green

#Best Style – Russell Westbrook

Runner up – Kyle Kuzma


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