Governor Newsom’s Incredibly Simple Plan To Reopen California

By Carson Tsai

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, has a plan for reopening the state. On Tuesday, he outlined a plan to do just that. CNN says he has schools weeks away from opening. The decision is based on stabilization of confirmed cases and deaths from the coronavirus. The governor also said that same day that schools may open in July.

The governor posted on Twitter that the first stage of his plan is to continue what the state is doing now; sheltering in place and helping flatten the curve of COVID-19. The next stage is to remove restrictions on some low risk businesses, like retail, manufacturing, and offices where you cannot use Telework, meaning using electronic devices to work. Reopening child care centers are also included. 

People like workers and consumers have to be protected in order to have restrictions lifted and businesses can adapt to options like curbside pickup. On CNN, Newsom says, “We are not going back to the way things were until we get to immunity or a vaccine. We will base reopening plans on facts and data, not on ideology. Not what we want. Not what we hope.” Also on CNN, Newsom states that stage three is planned to happen months or even weeks away. CNN claims, “… [this] stage will encompass personal care businesses like gyms, spas and salons, sports without live audiences, in-person religious services and other businesses where workers come in close contact with customers.” When stage three does happen, and the curve doesn’t rise, it will mean the start of the fall of COVID-19.

On Twitter, Newsom said, “The fourth and final stage is ending the shelter in place situation with the highest risk places of our economy getting reopened”. The highest risk parts are concerts, convention centers, and sports with live crowds. CNN states, “Newsom said that stage would only come once cures and vaccines have been developed.” Also from CNN, Newsom states, “At the time that Californians should prepare to enter a radically different realm where residents continue to wear masks, and where they may be greeted at restaurants by waiters wearing masks and gloves with disposable menus in venues that have half as many tables.” That probably means that stage 3 might take a very long time and stage 4 will not happen quickly.

Mountain View Voice states that the county’s health officer, Dr. Sara Cody, says that a new order has been issued as the Bay Area’s “first attempt to loosen the shelter-at-home directives that health officers across the region issued on March 16, where COVID-19 cases were rapidly climbing and officials were preparing for a larger surge.” This new order has lifted restrictions for golf courses, skate parks, landscapers, gardeners, nurseries, and other businesses that are mainly outdoors (not including stores selling outdoor furniture like chairs or tables). 

Coronavirus has closed down California and many other states. Many are hoping to reopen with the four stages: 1. Shelter in place 2. Remove restrictions for small businesses 3. Release higher risk jobs 4. End shelter in place. California is currently in stage 1 of Newsom’s plan and we have a very long way to go. Hope is still around though, as the coronavirus curve has started dropping.



Here is Gov. Newsom’s 4-part plan to reopen California from coronavirus shutdown


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