Communities Come Together in Isolation

by Rebecca Kapiloff

During isolation, people grow closer as communities, and many are helping others in their own ways. In different countries, kind souls are putting smiles on everyone’s faces, especially all healthcare workers.

People make noise for them daily in countries like America and Italy. Some things people do for fellow citizens are delivering meals, playing music, or reading to kids. Charlotte Bredael, an eighteen year old, from Newcastle, England dressed up as a princess to cheer up kids. “I thought that if the kids weren’t able to meet a princess at Disney World, it might make it a little bit better for them if they could have a video from a princess.”, says CNN.  CNN also reports that another woman in the UK, Ursula Stone, collects flowers that were thrown out by floral shops to the citizens in London. She hopes the flowers will “bring a little bit of cheer to people’s lives.” In California, a man delivers coffee using an extendable gorilla arm which brings smiles to many faces. In Ohio, kids play music on an elderly person’s porch to make them happy.

Celebrities and stars have created specials on TV to let music flow into homes. Comics have created laughs, and late show hosts are broadcasting live from home. Stephen Coldbert films with his family, and James Corden has his set-up in his garage. Food pantries deliver meals to the homeless communities, and many of the homeless have been moved into vacant hotels.  

The coronavirus has kept the citizens of the world in their homes. It has turned everyone’s lives upside down, and many have become unemployed or are risking their lives in hospitals to help save others. The economy has tanked, and there are significant financial strains on many companies. Most citizens have developed cabin fever, but the small deeds of kindness have helped eradicate some of the despair that comes with being in quarantine.






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