The Self Care Lifestyle

by Alyssa Sun

Due to the ease in which the Coronavirus code duplicates, the government has urged citizens to stay inside unless trips out are necessary. The world has shut its doors and avoided physical touch when possible. People are mourning for the lack of contact, but have found alternative ways to keep their lifestyle interesting. Self care is a must during this period, refining a person in both physical and mental health.

Let’s start with the basic question: how does the Coronavirus mutate and spread? The Coronavirus genome is a cell that specializes in duplication of the RNA, which contains instructions for duplicating the DNA inside the virus.

This virus started appearing in a seafood market at Wuhan, China. Doctors documented them as pneumonia flu cases, with little to no lead of what could’ve started them. It was not until the start of January, when scientists discovered the first version of the newly dubbed Coronavirus. 

Looking at the RNA, copies of the COVID gene into several versions, with few mistakes in each form. As viruses mutate regularly, key traits allowed researchers to estimate that the earliest cases started around November 2019.

Now, how does self care help you during the pandemic? During self-isolation, it’s important to establish a routine and find a goal to focus on. Now that people have more time to themselves, they often lose sight of what was under a deadline. When people take time to set an end vision for who they want to be after the quarantine, they take the extra time to reflect upon themselves and take advantage of the benefits that come with staying at home. By improving themselves, they also improve the lives of others that they interact with digitally.

Breathing patterns are a way to calm one’s mind in times of crisis. Scientists have stated that meditating a few minutes every day has shown improvements in personality and mindset. Washington Post recommended the 4-7-8 pattern in their article A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself in the Pandemic. Inhaling for four beats, holding for seven, and releasing through 8 counts allows for your mind to calm down and take action responsibility.

In times of crises, we must support others. However, each of us must learn to love ourselves first. When we give attention to ourselves, we pay attention and care to the way we interact with the surrounding people. Together, we can overcome this challenge.




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