American Toy Manufacturing Company Creates ‘First Responder Dolls’ as a Fundraiser for Essential Workers

by Ori Shacham                                                                                                

While most of the world has been on shelter-in-place orders, there are many people who still have to risk their lives going to work everyday. Essential workers such as grocery store employees, mail carriers, doctors, and nurses still must leave the house to work everyday, with limited protection from the Coronavirus. 

As a way of thanking all the First Responders who save lives while risking their own everyday, Mattel, an American toy manufacturing company, famous for creating the Barbie doll, has started a fundraiser. 

The company created dolls of various jobs, genders, and skin tones. “The #ThankYouHeroes collection includes 16 action figures — four each of doctors, nurses, EMTs and delivery drivers… — and a five-figure set of Little People Community Champions from Fisher-Price with a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver and grocery store worker…” explains Alisha Ebrahimji, a CNN Social Discover Producer.

Each doll costs $20, with $15 going to #FirstRespondersFirst, selling from April 29 through May 31, 2020. “Donations to #FirstRespondersFirst will provide essential supplies, equipment, accommodations, child care, food, mental health support and other resources for protecting frontline healthcare workers and their patients,” describes 

Mattel isn’t the only company hosting a fundraiser toward First Responders. Companies like Costco and Verizon have also changed their policies and prices in favor of First Responders. 

At Costco “first responders such as police officers, paramedics and firefighters in addition to healthcare workers that are members can cut the line with proof of identification,” explains Jordan Valinsky, a CNN Breaking News Writer. 

Verizon is offering an exclusive First Responders discount on wireless products and service. For one phone, there will be a $10 discount per account. For two or three phones, there will be a $25 discount per account, and for four or more phones the discount will be $20 off per account. 

With the world relying on essential workers, many people have started to help these workers with various fundraisers and company discounts. 



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