The Latest U.S. Update on the Coronavirus

by Carson Tsai               Currently, there are at least 729 cases of coronavirus and at least 27 deaths in the United States of America. So far, 15 people have recovered. The 33 states that have at least one coronavirus case include Arizona, California, Colorado, Vermont, and Wisconsin. There is also one case in Washington D.C. Some of the other 17 states that have not reported any coronavirus cases are Montana, Michigan, and New Mexico.

Florida, Washington, and California are the leaders of coronavirus cases and are the only states with deaths. Washington has 117 cases and 18 deaths, Florida has 15 cases and two deaths, and California has 107 cases and one death. 

Cases that were outside the country include the Diamond Princess, the infected cruise ship in Japan, which has been evacuated, including the 21 U.S. citizens who were on it. There are also three citizens in China and 46 more cases on the Grand Princess that will be docked in Oakland, California. Those 70 U.S. citizens have been sent back to the U.S. Before then, there were presently 451 cases of coronavirus. 

The 21 cases of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess resulted in everyone else having to be tested too. The first cases of coronavirus cases on the ship were discovered on February 4th. Ten people were found with it. There were six deaths on this ship and everyone else was quarantined. 

Dr. Amesh Adalja told Business Insider that “the quarantine was not justified, and violated the individual rights of the passengers while allowing the virus to literally pick them off one-by-one.” 

The virus got onto the ship through a man who boarded and stayed for five days. The New York Times says Japanese officials took more than 72 hours to lock down the ship after discovering the man’s case.

The next day, ten people on the ship were tested positive. That caused the Japanese Ministry of Health to put the ship on 14 day quarantine. Presently, the ship has been evacuated. 


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