Do Democrats still have hope?


By Wyatt Bose

Former senator and vice president, Joe Biden, has officially started his campaign. April 25, 2019, Senator Biden announces that he will be running for president as a representative of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is largely made up of the younger generation. Many are skeptical that at the age of 76, Biden will not have a chance to connect with his party.


Additionally, due to former president, Barack Obama’s success, many suspect that Biden will receive tons of supporters, because he was Obama’s vice president.


Senator Biden has received loads of hate from the Republican Party after apologizing for inappropriately hugging several women. Fox News has attempted to bash Biden with heaps of hate knowing that he could be a threat in the upcoming election.


Biden hopes to take down the likely Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump, in the upcoming election in order to prove Fox News as well as other haters wrong. Biden has received most of his criticism from non-political occasions. Democrats back him up by saying that people should just focus on his political success, rather than nitpick his daily life.


Ultimately, Joe Biden has proved that he poses a threat to the Republican Party. They seem to feel threatened by him and hope that their candidate can withhold his spot for another term. If Biden exceeds his likely opponent, Donald Trump, in the political aspects of the election, he will have a great shot at the presidency despite both of the candidates controversial actions.


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