Flip phones: Are all of the new features worth the price?

By Lucas B.

 On Feb. 20, 2019, Samsung announced the release date of its first smartphone with a foldable display during a press event in San Francisco. The smartphone will be called the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung plans to release it on Apr. 26.

  The display of the new phone will be able to fold open to be used as a tablet, and can close to be used as a regular phone.  When folded, the Galaxy Fold will easily be able to fit into a consumer’s hand or pocket. According to an article by CNBC, it will be able to fold because of “batteries on either side of the display.”

 In November, Dave Burke, the vice president of engineering for Google Android, said that “You can simply unfold the device to get a larger tablet-sized screen,” and “As you unfold, the app seamlessly transfers to the bigger screen without missing a beat.”

 Although Samsung’s new phone will have many bells and whistles, it will cost an astounding $1,980 in LTE and 5G, which most consumers are not willing to pay.

 Samsung is not the only company developing foldable phones. Huawei, Motorola, and Xiaomi all plan to release a foldable phone in the near future.  However, all three companies’ foldable phones will cost well over $1,000, with Huawei’s Mate X costing an astounding $2,600.

  Why should consumers be willing to pay so much for a foldable smartphone? According to an article by CNBC, Huawei’s phone will “run on Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor and Balong 5000 chipset, which supports 5G. The company said the super-fast chipset will allow users to download a 1 gigabyte movie in just 3 seconds.”

  Regardless of how many groundbreaking features these new devices will have, it will be up to consumers to decide just how much they are willing to spend for a new phone.


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