Super Bowl LIII: The Biggest Letdown in Pro Sports?

By Kabir C.

The stage is set, the players are ready, and the best two teams in the National football league are here in Atlanta, ready to play. The New England Patriots are representing the AFC after playing one of the greatest games of the year.

They barely snuck by the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs, in a 37-31 thriller. Tom Brady once again carried the Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl in five years.  

Representing the NFC, are the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams battled the New Orleans Saints in the conference championship, and like all major games, there was a lot of controversies. The Rams cornerback, Nickel Robey-Coleman, illegally hit the Saints wide receiver in the head, causing an incompletion.

It was an obvious pass interference call, but the refs swallowed their whistles, resulting in a Saint’s field goal. The game ended up going into overtime, and the Rams were victorious.

Both the Rams and the Patriots have trained all season for this game, and are well prepared for each other high flying offenses. However, the game was nothing like its expectations. The final score was 13-3 in the Patriots favor.

It was a battle of the defenses. Though it may seem dull, the defenses played amazing, causing the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. Unlike previous years, the Patriots relied on their mastermind of a coach, Bill Belichick, over their legendary quarterback, Tom Brady.

Referring to the dull game, Wyatt B, an 8th grader, stated, “It was boring, but if my team was in the game and had won, I would be happy.” Alex L, a loyal Patriots fan, said “It’s amazing that Brady got his sixth ring, and our secondary played great. But honestly, the game was almost as boring as the halftime show.”

Though Patriots fans were happy they won, this game put the NFL in a bad light and hopefully will not occur again.


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