The Post: A contemporary and modern restaurant with a twist

Only a  week after The Post opened, the restaurant was already bustling with customers.

by Kiana Z.

With many and classic restaurants in the area to compete with, the Post brings a fresh take on Los Altos food by opening up a modern restaurant, while serving classics – with a twist. Despite the difference of atmosphere, this up and coming restaurant whips up classics with a refined touch.

The Post is a bustling restaurant, plating many favorites along with interesting and original appetizers for lunch and dinner. Some of their unique eats include Cauliflower Hot Wings and Totchos, which are tater tots dressed as nachos. A few of their most popular dishes consist of the mushroom and chicken tacos, grilled cheese, and the Blue and Black Flat Iron Steak.

According to waitress Lauren Davidson, their casually simple and modern dining space and their open bar attracts many customers.

“When people walk into the restaurant, and they see how big it is inside, they are very surprised. I had one customer who even came in, and walked back out again to compare the size of the entrance to the size of the restaurant,” Lauren mentioned.

While the outside looks like a fair, medium sized restaurant, with an estimation of only 15-20 tables, the interior of the building is gigantic and spacious. It has two different dining rooms, and an extra room for private parties.

“If I had to estimate how many tables there were in this restaurant as a whole, I would say around 30-45,” a regular at this restaurant states.

The large amount of tables is a very important element because the restaurant fills up very quickly, especially at dinnertime. At many points throughout the day, all of the tables are booked and the only chance you have of dining at The Post is booking a reservation. Although the restaurant is almost always full,  the noise level isn’t too bad.

According to some customers, The Post’s menu is limited. However, they still love the casual but upscale selections. Many customers are familiar to the staff, and while I was there, a customer seated next to me gave me a recommendation of what to try. The servers are incredibly kind and attentive, and the food is always great quality.

The Post, although recently opened, is already a favorite among Los Altos residents, and it is truly a wonderful place for a casual but delicious lunch or dinner – just remember to place a reservation in advance!



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