Avoid sore throats by using Alexa Announcements

By Saarang B.

Now, Amazon Echo users will use a new Alexa feature: Alexa Announcements. This aspect will help users to keep their voice in tip-top condition . . . So, how do you use it? With Alexa Announcements, users can say, “Alexa, announce it’s time to leave.” Alexa will then broadcast that message to every Amazon device, including Echo, Echo Dot, Show, and Spot in the same home.

Instead of yelling, screaming or searching for individual people, Alexa can broadcast the voice of a user.  Consequently, Alexa announcements has drawn comparisons to a school P.A. system. This ability will also be useful for “apartment dwellers,” according to Fortune. Fortune says people living in apartments will broadcast from an Alexa device in their apartment to an Alexa device outside the building premises, in order to contact delivery men.

According to CNet, this same feature was released by Google in this past November. As a result, Amazon releasing this feature for Alexa seems like it is in response to Google. CNet also received from Amazon the news that the broadcast software is being developed to be compatible with third-party users, to make the Alexa experience as consistent it can be.

Unfortunately, this new ability will only be available to customers in the U.S. and Canada. However, the Amazon team is hoping to get this feature released globally soon. Look forward to saving your voice with Alexa Announcements!


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