Havana Plane Crash

by Wyatt B.

Very close to the José Martí International Airport, the plane for flight DMJ 0972 fiercely smashed into a field and killed over 100 people. The plane was heading from the Cuban capital to the city of Holguin, which is on the eastern side of the island. Three extremely fortunate people survived in the horrific event. 113 passengers, including nine crew, were aboard the aircraft as the plane made impact with the earth.

But, this was not a typical plane crash. Almost immediately after takeoff, the plane started to descend. About two minutes later, the vehicle had already made impact with the ground, and was torn apart. It crashed into an agriculture area and eventually exploded.

Citizens near the airport claimed to see a large fireball, followed by a plume of smoke. Almost certainly, the fireball was what they saw as the plane came in contact with the field. But the smoke was just what was left of the severely damaged plane. Since the accident, not very many planes have been taking off from the José Martí airport. Pilots are unable to fly, because they can not see due to the towering smoke from the devastating crash.

This disastrous crash hurt the earth, the airline, and the people. It made many horrible impacts on everybody’s lives, and the citizens who had to go through the struggle of losing a family member are devastated. In everyone’s scenario, this was a terrible event that hopefully will never occur again.


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