Autonomous cars are the answer to road safety

by Grace C.

Companies like Uber, Google, and Tesla are starting to buy into the self-driving car industry and are testing and developing the technology. But there is a lot of controversy on if they are safe, and many people are starting to oppose the testing of autonomous cars on public roads, especially after the fatality that occured in Arizona where a woman was hit by an Uber self-driving car and later died at the hospital.

Many people are blaming autonomous cars for these accidents, but the companies developing this technology are not to blame. Drivers should be more cautious with this new technology, since it hasn’t been fully developed. These companies will help prevent car accidents with their new cars.

Autonomous cars will be exceptionally safer than human drivers. Unlike humans, robots can’t get drunk or distracted. Drunk driving is the cause of most deaths for young American citizens aged from 16 to 24.

Self-driving cars would also be more careful and cautious because they won’t pass the speed limit, pass a red light, or suddenly stop like a human driver would. With machine learning, they will be able to tell what to do in a specific event, so they can react faster than a human driver.

Autonomous car drivers will also save time and money. Passengers can focus on other tasks instead of operating the vehicle. Money can also be saved by drivers because self-driving cars will prevent car accidents, and there will be less medical bills to pay.

Without road accidents, police will be able to focus on more significant crimes. The speed limit can also be raised, and commuting time will be cut in half.

Life is more important than any job, and although all driver jobs will be gone and the economy will drop, there will be less lives lost and more lives saved.

My family owns both a Tesla Model X and a Model S. Both models have an autopilot system that only works on highways, and it is pretty reliable, even though it hasn’t been fully developed. The technology has improved since a few years ago and soon, there will fully automated cars on the road which will be better than human drivers. Roads will be safer and countless lives will be saved by this advanced technology.



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