Fortnite Season 4

by: Wyatt B. and Kabir C.

Season four of the most popular video game in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale, is officially out. Gamers all over have been craving for this season because of the recent meteors crashing into the map during the final moments of Season three.

The first addition to the map was Dusty Divot. It was created when Dusty Depot was struck by a meteor. Many people speculated that the meteor would strike the hectic area of Tilted Towers. Tilted Towers is where all of the craziest gameplay occurs. Most players that land there, die. Tilted Towers was the most popular landing spot in every match of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Dusty-Divot-2.jpgAll of the popular gaming YouTubers land at Tilted Towers, so Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, would not want to take it out, or else they would lose players. Instead, the meteor left a crater in the middle of the map, at Dusty Depot. Dusty Depot has gotten a lot of criticism over the course of Season three because players have been claiming that the loot there is horrible and that it shouldn’t exist.

The Epic Games directors reacted immediately by removing Dusty. Dusty Depot is now Dusty Divot, an alien and meteor observation site. The crater caused by the meteor also took out a fan favorite location called Factories. Factories was an unnamed location that still provided better materials and weapons than some of the named locations like Tomato Town. Factories contained about five to seven chests, which could really help someone who needs loot or a late landing spot.


The second major addition was Risky Reels. Risky Reels was added in between Wailing Woods and Anarchy Acres in the northeastern corner of the map. Risky Reels is an outdoor cinema that has been destroyed by the meteors attacking the map. Risky contains an outdoor movie projector, a destroyed movie screen, scattered cars and trucks, a cookout area and even a crater in the middle of it. It was overshadowed by the popular Dusty Divot, but is now gaining a lot of attention, because of its underrated loot.

Risky contains about eleven chests, almost as many as the larger location of Retail Row. Retail Row is one of the most popular places on the map and contains about twelve to fifteen people per match. Some parts of Risky are hard to notice, because of the surrounding locations around it such as Anarchy Acres. Risky is sure to be a great place to drop in the near future, but is uncommon right now. The one place that has taken all of Risky’s attention away is Dusty Divot.

The last addition of season 4 is the heroes vs. villains theme. It is something that has taken over the map. At around the coordinates of B4 on the Fortnite map, there is a new mountain near Snobby Shores. This is the villain’s lair.

The mountain is holding a missile ready to launch at any time. It also contains three levels. The first level (the bottom floor) is completely empty on the inside, but as you land outside, on the balcony, three guns will spawn. Besides these three guns, there is nothing, but empty space, on the bottom level of the villain’s lair. Moving further, on the second floor, there are three rooms. Three possible chests can spawn. The third level is much more interesting though. It contains a beautiful view of Snobby Shores, the gigantic missile, and one last chest at the peak of the mountain.

Around the coordinates of J6, near Lonely Lodge, is the heroes base: an Ironman inspired mansion. The Mansion provides great loot and is an excellent spot to go with friends. The best part about the mansion is the underground. Underneath the mansion is the heroes’ secret lair. It contains chests, ammo boxes, and various machines and gadgets. It truly is like an Avengers home. Fortnite has been leaning towards this Avengers theme since the new season was released. The underground lairs were clearly organized with thought and look much like Tony Stark’s. The gamemakers carefully placed secret entrances in the ground and garage, for example, breaking the garage floor will result in an underground chest room that has access to the secret lair.

Overall, this will be an amazing season of Fortnite Battle Royale. These improvements will have large impacts on the game that will increase the amount of users that Fortnite will receive. This amazing game is at the start of its prime and is not stopping anytime now. What surprises will Season 5 hold?


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