Say goodbye to Winnie the Pooh:

The tipping point is nearing

by Natalie M.

According to NASA scientists, Stephen Hawking, and some Blach students, global warming is real, and humans are a major factor. Stephen Hawking claimed we were edging to the point where global warming could be irreversible due to people in power who don’t believe global warming is a fact.

Climate change isn’t just caused by the sun’s solar radiation. NASA scientists say if it was the sun releasing heat, the overall planet would show signs of warmer activity. They observe that the surface where we live and the upper atmosphere has a significant temperature difference. Where we live, the temperature is really warm compared to the atmosphere above us.

Animals such as polar bears, fish, aloe, and frogs are perishing because their environment is getting warmer. This affects us in a negative way, because they help keep a balanced ecosystem. Not only that, but the coral reefs are many animals’ habitat, and it is starting to die off along with the rest of the organisms living there.

Having less species is bad for our own sake, because we depend on them so much. We depend on bees pollinating plants so we can eat, and we depend on having carbon sinks because they absorb a lot of carbon dioxide.

Blach student, Heidi Purnama, claims global warming is real because it’s obvious to her and makes a point that Barack Obama believes in it, and she thinks he is smart.

Geographical features are changing as well. Island countries are starting to slowly disappear due to rising tides, and that includes the Solomon Islands near Australia. They have a population of roughly 640,000 people, and their homes are drowning in the melting ice caps.

Blach teacher Mrs. Rolland, believes that if each individual did a little bit to help, the situation could improve significantly. Rolland strongly encourages recycling and composting as something anyone could do to help with climate change.

There have been and will be more natural disasters and problems like hurricanes, wildfires, extreme weather (like deadly heat waves), and severe droughts. Global warming is affecting us in so many negative ways. We need to do something about it instead of waiting before it’s too late.


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