Peet’s Coffee: Coffee, for those who enjoy quality and find it a necessity

By Souf R



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What makes Peet’s Coffee different from other coffee shops? How does Peet’s Coffee compare to other popular and growing coffee shops, like Starbucks? They both sell coffee, but what makes Peet’s Coffee different from Starbucks?

One thing many people don’t understand, is that Peet’s Coffee isn’t underrated by everyone, it depends strictly on the perspective. For instance, an adult would most likely enjoy a drink from Peet’s Coffee more than a drink from Starbucks, because Peet’s Coffee is considered to be more focused on the quality of their coffee.

According to, “Peet’s Coffee stores sell beans from open containers rather than in sealed bags, making the Peet’s stores smell more strongly of coffee.” Even this can make a difference of how an adult views the store, especially if they really value the coffee, rather than the milk.

Adding on to that, Starbucks is known to be more focused on the milk, rather than the coffee. Most children and teenagers enjoy this and do not have any issues with milk but, adults who need their coffee as a necessity will find this fact extremely important.

The focus on coffee in Peet’s Coffee makes it more satisfying to adults rather than children.

“I think, in general, children and teenagers see a drink from Peet’s as a treat, so they are very excited each time they get a drink from us. Whereas, adults order drinks from Peet’s more as a necessity/habit. So, adults might be satisfied, but probably not as satisfied as children and teenagers, because they need the drink just to function,” states Whitney J, a barista who works at Peet’s Coffee. She was also a former classroom aid at Blach Intermediate School.

Peet’s Coffee reminds a customer of rustic country side (according to Langston J.). This proves to show that Peet’s is able to grasp that warm and welcoming feeling along with amazing coffee and customer service.

“I think it is less hectic [in Peet’s] and people are not in a rush and are enjoying their drinks more. In Starbucks, everything is associated with being fast,” says Michael R, an adult who drinks coffee daily.  

Somehow, Peet’s Coffee is able to carefully keep the warm and comforting environments of their shops. But, Starbucks on the other hand shows a more hip and modern vibe, according to

Above being all about the coffee, they care about their customers. We have very high standards for customer service–we get randomly surveyed often to make sure we are meeting our customer satisfaction goals. So, each customer is receiving very good customer service. We also get a lot of regular loyal customers visiting our store,” Whitney J. states.

Peet’s Coffee goes out of their way to make sure customers to have a wonderful experience at their coffee shops.

“And if a customer is friendly, I am more willing to go out of my way to make sure they have a great experience at Peet’s,” says Whitney J. Another example of their customer service quality, is a story Whitney J. generously shared with me.

“Fortunately, most of my customers are very friendly. I did have one very challenging customer. She wanted me to give her samples of several drinks before she decided on her final drink. I am happy to do a little sampling, if there is time, ” Whitney J. explains.

“However, there was a long line and the customer was the opposite of friendly. She complained about several of the samples I gave her, the quality etc. etc. Basically, nothing I did made her happy,” she concluded.

From this, it is visible that Whitney J. tried her best to accommodate a difficult customer, reinforcing an outstanding customer service.

Another reason why Peet’s Coffee differs from other coffee shops, is because their customer service is impeccable. With the routine checks and the way that they try exceptionally hard to make sure you have the best experience, makes them stand out.

Peet’s Coffee is a warm and welcoming shop that is different from other coffee shops because of its vital qualities of keeping a calm and rustic vibe, and having a better customer service than what we are used to seeing in other coffee chains. So, give Peet’s Coffee a try before deciding which coffee shop to stick to for your daily coffee.


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