The newest trend: Wasting parents’ money

By: Kabir C. and Wyatt B.

There’s a new trend going around in middle school, and it’s not a dance or a toy, but something you wear every day― clothing. These types of clothing are called “urban brands” or “streetwear.” Said brands include Supreme, Santa Cruz, Palace, Off White, and more. An increasing number students purchase these brands, boosting their self esteem and popularity.

The children buying this style of clothing aren’t using their own money, but their parents. With all of this money being wasted, they could’ve used it to donate to help cure cancer or help the poor and veterans but use it on overpriced clothing with no benefit to anyone.

These brands are not cheap. Supreme, established in New York, is one of the more expensive brands worn by people around the world. Just one, plain blue sweatshirt from Supreme can cost you a whopping $965! To many, spending one thousand dollars on a sweater with a logo makes absolutely no sense, but the buyer can beg to differ. Many people think expensive clothing makes them seem richer or better than they really are.hypebeast-outfit-best-25-hypebeast-outfit-ideas-on-pinterest-hypebeast-outfit.jpg

To add on, most of the students buying this merchandise look up to popular leaders, students, and celebrities. Most of these students are looking up to these people as inspiration and try to replicate what they do. For example, if Kanye West were to wear NMD’s (adidas brand shoes), you can bet that ten other people will wear those same shoes.

If a popular leader at school wears a brand, everyone who follows him or her will wear that same brand. This chain of popularity causes more people to use their parents money trying to appear cool when in reality, it doesn’t. Students all over have a great number of opinions, good and bad.

Alex L, a 7th grade student, claims the price of Urban brands is too much. The price is way too high for the products they are selling. They are just a bunch of rip-offs! Other students had different opinions on this topic.

Julian H, a 7th grader, claims Urban brands are great. It gets people more attention, which can be a good thing sometimes.

Whether you love them or not, the growth of Urban brands will never die, but you can bet that your parent’s credit cards might.



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  1. Nemo Figarolo says:

    Look I’m 23 years old and pay my bills and have my house can I just waste money on what I want please?


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