Villanova Claws their way to Victory against Michigan

By Kabir C. & Wyatt B.

Four seconds left staring at the clock, Donte DiVincenzo of Villanova dribbles the ball wasting time embracing the victory of a lifetime.


Lead by the amazing scoring of student— |— athlete, Donte DiVincenzo, the MVP of the tournament, Villanova beat Michigan 79-62. Villanova has moved on from the critics and won two championships in three years creating a new dynasty for the future. Many 900.jpgpeople counted out Nova in this year’s March Madness Bracket, but they proved that they have the most efficient scoring offense in the league. They definitely proved all the haters wrong. In 2015, Villanova took an early exit after NC state upset them in the second round. Jay Wright, the coach of the Villanova Wildcats, turned the future of the team around and created the most efficient offense and lockdown defense for years to come.


Donte DiVincenzo, backup for super star point guard, Jalen Brunson, was an average bench player. But when the tournament started, he caught fire. In the last game of the Tournament, Donte had the best game of his career. He hit 5 threes and scored 31 points with 5 rebounds and 2 blocks. His Monster performance will now make people think twice about Villanova, knowing they might be the most likely to cut down the nets during March.  Don’t sleep on the Wildcats, they’re back on the rise.


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