Austin Explosion

By: Wyatt B.

The people in Texas are officially living in peril! The fourth explosion in Austin occurred extremely recently, on March 19, at the FedEx distribution center. When the package exploded, nails and sharp metals came out. The bomb knocked an employee off of her feet, but nobody was killed. There have been four bombs in the last eighteen days in Texas! The police are positive that all four of these events are related.

The first explosion occurred outside of a man’s house. He was a father. When he opened it, the package exploded. The second bombing was also at a man’s house, but he took the package inside to open, and that was when his was detonated. Both men were killed by these horrific events.

For the third one, the bomber decided to go with a different route. The bombers set up a tripwire explosive that was attached to a “caution, children at play” sign. The explosive injured two bikers, but none were killed.

The police found themselves chasing the bomber the next day, and after forcing him to drive into a ditch, he detonated an explosive, and killed himself along with injuring one officer. Later, the police found that he had left a 25-minute confession message. The man had nothing going well in his life, so he decided to cause harm.

The people of Texas are asking each other why someone or some people would do this to them, but what we should be asking is what will we do to stop these horrific events from happening, President Trump?


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