Pyongyang Pink Place: A Billion Dollar Tourism Plan for North Korea

By Celine P.

Most children in the U.S. probably won’t hear “Alright kiddos! Who wants to go on vacation? How does North Korea sound? They have a new beach resort,” in the morning on their first day of Christmas break.

For those of us who know about Kim Jong Un, this sounds outrageous, but this is exactly what Kim’s shooting for.

Deep in the heart of the world’s most renowned nuclear bomb producing country, Kim Jong Un lies, as their leader. As most of the world knows, he has a slightly different take on life.

He’s known to take advantage of his position and holds the world for ‘ransom’ as he threatens to blow them all up with his abundance of nuclear weapons.

Beloved leader blesses pink hotel with his attendance: Kim Jong Un visits a rose-colored hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. (picture from )

Recently, the “supreme leader” invested about a billion dollars in a tourism plan. This plan hopes to allure people from all around the world to North Korea.

There’s one itty-bitty problem with this. In North Korea, you have to treat their leaders like god’s gift to mankind. Gargantuan bronze statues sit directly in front of other huge white buildings. It’s expected of everybody to place fresh flowers at their feet. Plural. It’s looked down upon to place one.

So, maybe a person could convince themselves to go on a trip on their favorite rocket ship to the golden beaches of North Korea, but they run the risk of being captured for espionage and taken to prison to be tortured. justifies this in saying “Those planning to engage in activities that the North Korean government forbids must be prepared to face imprisonment, torture, and death.”

Also on, is a warning. “Some governments advise against all travel to North Korea due to the uncertain security situation caused by North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program and related tension… if any emergency consular assistance is required, such assistance will likely be very limited.”

For most Americans, a billion dollars would not woo them into a vacation with a side of incarceration.

So a vacation to North Korea would be a very tense family outing. Thus, the parent who suggested such would probably follow up with, “Scratch that! How about Hawaii?”


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  1. Dr. Moerner says:

    I am so impressed; you have been following the news!

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  3. Iris S says:

    Bodee for prez

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    Great article

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